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This blog was created for when I have too many thoughts in my brain and need something longer than an Instagram caption

My Origin Story

As long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted to do was to compete at the World Championships. That was THE goal. My dream came true in 2011. I represented New Zealand for the first time at just 17 years old. I remember standing at the marshalling area with my coach...

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The Building Phase

Hello! This blog post is the 4th instalment in our Periodisation series where we’re talking about how to plan out your year to suit your training schedule. We’ve covered how to set up your year here and already talked about the off seaon (or the R season) and the...

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The Base/Preparatory Phase

Hello, As promised, I’m back with the third instalment of the periodisation series. If you’ve missed the first 2 posts, you can find out more about periodisation and how to set your plan up here and more about the first phase of training here. Today we are moving on...

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The Off Season

Rare photo of me actually relaxing in Noosa, Queensland. It didn't last long. Hi! We're gonna keep going with the theme of planning out your training year today. If you missed the first post about this, please read here before getting into this post. Before we start,...

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Periodisation: planning out your year

Hello! Today I want to talk about periodisation and how you can use this technique to train smarter and avoid over training and burn out. This is going to be a 6 part blog series and will most likely take me weeks to get out but that’s ok... let’s just begin and see...

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Oceanias 2017, mental struggles and mourning a performance

Hello real world, I'm back from my holiday! And I'm ready to talk. This is gonna be a tough blog to write and it may turn out to be a bit of a ramble but I think it’s important for my own mental recovery to share my story. And who knows who it could help... My...

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Believing in myself, failing to set goals and hard questions

After my last post, I dived into myself and started to ask the hard questions. Questions like who do I skate for? Why do I skate? What metrics am I using to measure whether I’m a success or a failure? What are my values and beliefs? Why are those my values and...

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Oceania team training

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of skating at the Oceania training camp and had the opportunity to help out my teammates with some off skate training. I loved being able to share an introduction into meditation and yoga and then also to take them through a...

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Smoothie Bowl from the heavens

Hi team,Ok I know what you're thinking... I must be coming down with something if I'm writing twice in 1 week (2 days in a row even!!) but once you try this recipe what, you will understand the need. This smoothie bowl needs to be tasted to be believed. I could not...

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Identifying barriers

When someone else is feeling overwhelmed, over worked or over anxious, I have all the right answers. I find myself saying "meditate, sit still, force yourself to be uncomfortable with waiting, do yoga, write down your feelings" to them. And this is great...

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