Confession Time: I’m more than a little bit obsessed with having hot oats in the morning.

The other day, me and my sister were starving in the afternoon and decided to add quinoa cereal. I didn’t know quinoa cereal existed until we saw it in the cupboard! But hey, if I have it, I’m gonna use it. If you don’t have quinoa cereal, just skip it. I make it without it every morning. The oats turned out delicious! The quinoa cereal gave it a subtle nutty taste which we loved.

Why quinoa?

It is a low fat, high carb, high protein gluten free grain. Perfect for those vegetarians worried about their protein intake or those meat eaters worried about their cholesterol. It is low in the glycemic index which means it is high energy but releases it slowly to keep you going for longer and doesn’t produce a blood sugar spike. The high protein content also keeps you fuller for longer. The quinoa grain is a great substitute for rice or pasta. It has a bit of a nutty flavour (in my opinion).

Why dates?

They’re naturally high in sugar and have a high rating on the glycemic index. 1 date has around 60 calories! But don’t freak out! Calories are not the enemy as we’ve been brought up to believe. A calorie represents how much energy is needed to raise the temperature of water by 1 degree. Just because something is high calorie doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy and just because something is low calorie doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It’s the quality of the calories that’s important. Dates are a great way to add sweetness without using white processed sugar. Another great alternative is coconut sugar or bananas.

What you’ll need (1 serving):

1/2c whole grain oats
1/4c quinoa cereal
1c water (use 3/4c if you’re skipping quinoa)
1/4c choice of milk (I use almond and coconut)
Handful of dates

Cacao powder for chocolate flavoured oats
nuts and seeds


1. Add oats, quinoa, dates and liquid to a pot on the stove top
2. Boil over a medium heat
3. Just wait for the liquid to evaporate until they’re at your preferred consistency. I like mine quite thick.
4. Mash the dates into it and top with whatever you want

Pro tip: leave the liquid, oats and dates in the pot over night so all you have to do is turn the heat on in the morning to save time. Makes the oats cook quicker too.

Cooking Date and Quinoa Oats
Adding coconut sugar to Date and Quinoa Oats
Preparing oats