Short answer: yes. It was always cool and always will be and you’re late to the party if you’re only discovering skating now. Blog post over, bye!

Ok just kidding…

If your algorithm is not showing you any skating accounts, we need to fix that immediately. It seems like everyone ordered a pair of skates during lockdown and started sharing content online! My whole life I’ve been doing this weird sport no one knew about and now all of a sudden everyone is finally catching on about how much fun it is to roller skate! And it only took a pandemic for the world to catch up…

So today I want to share my  favourite skating creators online… Gear up for a long post because everyone has been in lockdown and there’s more content online than ever! 

Category 1: The smooth skaters that ooze coolness

Think Ana Coto (@anaocto) or Kells (@kellllllllls). They are ruling tik tok right now and I can’t stop watching.  Maybe if I keep re watching their videos, one day I can be a funky disco roller skater just like them…. One can only dream!

Here are some other favourites:
@gypsetcity, the queen of roller skating backwards through the streets of USA. She has been around forever but in case you have somehow been hiding under a rock, go follow right now!

I also discovered @skatefantacee after doing an instagram live with Roller Fit during lockdown and never looked back! Warning: it may make you feel sad that we have no roller rinks in NZ.

Recently I started following @richardhumphrey and I can’t believe I didn’t follow him before. He’s THE original roller skater and has so many dance tutorials on his Youtube and Instagram. He’s been roller skating for 40 years and has so much knowledge on dance skating. Another awesome skater to follow who is along the same vibes is Tony (@rollersk8r). Really great teacher and amazing dance skater.

Special mention to Rosemary @rosemaryretro with the most amazing wardrobe. Girl, can I please come shopping with you?

Category 2: The amazing coaches that are putting up endless content

Stacey and her team at Roller Fit have been incredible. I don’t know how they do it but they ran Instagram live classes every week for all of lockdown! Make sure you follow the rollerfit team as well @two_wheelers @marmaladeslam @rolllerskrrt @amyjaneskates They might still have classes up on IGTV in case you wanna check it out! Remember to donate if you enjoy their content!

Coach Michelle Hong… Where do I even start?! I know she does ice but her stretch routine challenge and endless IGTV videos and tik toks have been incredible to follow! Also in this category is Coach Hamish (@coachhamish). I’ve borrowed so many exercises for my skaters from him. Both these ice coaches are wealth of knowledge for skaters and coaches alike! Thank you for sharing with us!

Sarah Butler (@maiafitness.coaching) has been not only raising a little baby but also putting up SO much content for us all to enjoy. My personal favourite has been her “get real” talks about perfection, function vs aesthetics when it comes to skating and life in general. Sarah is one to watch as she’s planning a come back into the free skating world very soon… Watch this space!!

Quarantine Skate Club is also still running online classes via zoom! The classes are hosted by Candice Heiden (@candai) from @LArollergirls (another great page to follow!). Their group is lovely and so welcoming! I had the pleasure of joining them with my online group recently and we all enjoyed the class so much! There are so many more! I could go on forever!

Paola Fraschini (@paolafraschini_rollerskater) has been sharing her mental training knowledge and choreography over zoom and instagram. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a 7 time world champion in senior solo dance and she was Ela on Cirque du Soleil’s Volta. She wrote THE mental training book for roller skaters and is a huge inspiration for me!

Category 4: The ones that straight up started a whole new app and launched it

Ok I only have one person to mention here and that is Nicole Fiore (@thatnicolefiore) … This girl has not only been SLAYING the tik tok dances but she launched a whole damn app! Talk about having a productive lockdown! It’s called RollWithMe and you should download and join in ASAP! I’m yet to post but I’ve had a look and it is like a Facebook but only for roller skaters. So all your favourite skaters are on there to connect with in one place. You can ask questions, post your own content or even follow one of Nicole’s courses!

 Category 5: The ones that have just bought skates and don’t know where to start but they’re doing it anyway!

I see you!! You’re all over my tik tok FYP! You guys are KILLING it. I’m so proud of every single person who has put skates on for the first time over lockdown. That takes some GUTS!

Those first falls suck but you’re doing amazing, sweetie!! Keep going!! I could go on and on about content and especially the new skaters sharing their journey from the beginning.

Did I miss your favourite skating account? DM me on Instagram and let me know!

I need more roller skaters on my feed!

Mac xx

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