As Kylie Jenner famously said, 2016 was the year of “like, realising stuff”. While I’m not entirely sure what I was meant to be realising or if I realised anything at all, I do agree with her when she said that certain years have certain “vibes”. 2017 feels like it will be a year of decision making. We’re 19 days deep and already I feel like I’ve made enough decisions to last me at least 10 years.

So, I’m in my second year of official adulthood (that to me, means I’m not in formal education and am actually having to work for money and not relying on study link living costs… yea I was one of those) and it’s weird. It means that I can officially plan my year out the way I want to. I don’t have to study certain papers to finish a degree, I don’t have to write essays or read about things I don’t want to read and I can choose what to research. I could do those things before but now that I don’t have anyone grading me on how well I understood the subject, it feels kinda different. I’m doing these things for me (or not doing them at all cos let’s face it, I’m lazy.)
But back to the year of “like, deciding stuff”… It’s not off to a good start. I haven’t actually made many decisions, it’s just that I’m aware there are decisions to be made. I know I definitely need to choose what competitions I’m going to enter in at some point. 

Personal training certificate? Yes I’m finally seriously looking into doing this… Still haven’t found a course I like and that fits into my schedule but I’ll get there eventually! I think I need it to open up even more opportunities in future and also something I’m obviously interested in.

Aussie nationals? Definite maybe. Last year was so much fun. I learnt a lot from that trip (especially about how good aussie shopping is) about myself and how I deal with different kinds of international competition pressure. It’s very different to Oceanias because you’re on “their turf” if that makes sense. Can highly recommend going to anyone looking for extra international competitions without having to travel across the world. However can’t say I would be willing to do 2 Nationals in a row again…

NZ nationals? This one is highly likely. Definitely 90% sure I’m gonna compete.

Oceanias? Hmmm… still thinking on this one. It’s in the Gold Coast which has obvious appeal but so is Aussie nationals so it would be one or the other.

The Big One…. Roller Games… I am so torn about this. It’s the first ever competition of its kind. It is a historical event. This is the first ever competition where you can watch most sports on wheels in one place at the same time. It would be amazing to be part of an atmosphere like that. It would be an honour to even start training for an event like this, let alone be selected. But there will (hopefully) be more roller games and I don’t know if the timing would work with the rest of this year. In saying this, I’m leaving the option open in case later on I get the strong desire to go to China. 
So… this is starting to sound like I haven’t actually decided anything… Oh but just you wait…. Here’s the exciting things I DID plan!
Training: I’m picking it up a notch in terms of smart training. I’m going to plan out my year according to a new schedule. I’m going to concentrate on skating rather than gym work at certain times of the year and make sure I nail those basics first. This means drills, drills, DRILLS. I’ll be drowning in them! Also, as if I already don’t do enough… I’m going to run in the Queenstown half marathon in November! I’m excited and scared for the new challenge as I still haven’t run anything longer than 12km…. Guess that will have to change very soon!
Business: I do have exciting news coming very very soon but don’t want to jinx it by blurting it out just yet. But you can look forward to regular updates and more blog posts about life, mental health, physical health and anything else I feel compelled to write about. As always, lessons and classes are the absolute highlight of my year so of course I will continue to teach, coach, mentor and help my skaters reach their goals.
Mental Health: This is my big goal or decision for 2017… (I guess you could call it a resolution…) This year, I’m focusing on happiness. More than ever I want to surround myself with people who lift me up and in turn I want to lift those around me. 2017 is all about positive vibes and looking after myself. This includes not feeling guilty for taking time out, regular exercise for the soul rather than goal oriented exercise, less social media, good food for the soul and some for health (balance is key, mi amigo) and getting back into yoga FOR REAL. I’m gonna be a true zen master.
Emails: This is the big one…. I’m FINALLY going to unsubscribe from unwanted crap emails that I signed up just to get 10% off my first purchase on random websites I never ordered anything from.
Yup…. New year, new inbox!