Due to my crazy schedule, I’ve been struggling to fit in enough time to train on skates. So recently I’ve started training on skates by myself during the day when the rink is empty. It’s been great! I get so much done in shorter amounts of time and I’ve been loving it. I’ve been really enjoying going to the rink, blasting music and just enjoying being on skates. This was awesome at the beginning because I really needed to rediscover how much I love being on wheels. Just the simple joy of being able to roll around to music and being free. Completely cheesy but totally true.

The only thing was that while I was enjoying this freedom, my trainings were lacking structure and direction. Around the same time, a friend introduced me to bullet jounalling and how easy and quick you could organise your thoughts into lists using a simple key. Being an avid to-do list lover, I had to look into this system. And now here we are! With a few simple tweaks, I adjusted it and developed my own little way to record and plan my trainings!

Bullet Journalling: the to do list you never knew you needed

Follow this link for the full description on bullet journals.

When I first sat down to write this, I realised one thing… Bullet journals are really hard to define. They are a diary, a to-do list and a note taking journal all rolled into one. At first, this sounds chaotic. But all it takes is one quick search on Pinterest to fall in love with how people set up their journals to suit their needs. Some of the spreads people create are incredibly artistic, some are minimal. They can really be as complicated or as simple as you want them to be. I don’t have a traditional bullet journal. I use the rapid logging system to organise my lists and training diary.


How to rapid log:

Basically, you are using a series of bullet points to organise your lists. You can log things that need to be done, notes or observations. You can create your own symbols in addition to the traditional ones.

Traditional bullets:

 • Use this bullet for a task that needs doing
✘ Once you have completed the task, cross the dot to show it’s been done
> If you were too lazy to do the task today, then use this symbol over the dot to show you’ve moved (or “migrated”) it to the next day
< Show that events or tasks that needed to be scheduled, have been scheduled 
○ Use this bullet for events that happened that day
– Used for notes/observations/random things

My additional bullets:

♡ How you are feeling today emotionally (Credit to Katelyn for suggesting this one)
☆ How you are feeling today physically
!! My intentions or goals for that day
 As you go along, you can add more get rid of the ones you don’t like. For example I don’t really use the “<” scheduled bullet from the traditional bullets. 

How I use rapid logging in my training diary:

  1. Write the date as the title
  2. On the next line, write any intentions or quotes I have in my head
  3. Write down any goals I have using “!!”
  4. Write down how I’m feeling using “♡” and “☆” symbols
  5. Write down 3 skills I’ll practise first using the “•” bulletpoint
  6. Mark them as complete using “✘” and then write down 3 more tasks
  7. Write observations and notes using “-” as needed

The reason why I don’t plan the whole training session at once is because it’s less intimidating this way. Seeing a big to do list for me can sometimes be a barrier as it feels like I have too much to do and not enough time. By only planning 3 things at a time, I can focus on the task at hand and not what’s coming up next. I do however have a general idea of what I want to achieve that day and so my tasks will be directed towards achieving that goal. 
Let me know if you like the idea of using a training diary or if you use one already! I’d love to see them and hear about how you use yours so make sure you tag me on instagram (@hey_macarenafitness) or contact me on Facebook!
Untill next time!