Oats with banana and dates
Kumara cookies, cashew nuts, mandarin, almond milk coffee
Pumpkin and feta pasta salad

Official practice went well! A bit sleepy but just wanted to relax into the floor and not stress so mission accomplished! Today was busy so I’m pretty happy with how I kept it together. Definitely thankful I don’t have more than one event. Lots of food was eaten!

Breakfast: A bit of a fail since I thought I was having green tea but was actually chamomile and I ended up all sleepy for training. Oops! Still had 1/2c oats cooked in water with dates and topped with banana. Dates are a great snack I have all the time! Full of energy and are super sweet. Mercedes had the peanut butter on gluten free toast with a banana and a hot chocolate.

Post training snack: coffee with almond and coconut milk (cos I feel so asleep after chamomile tea), a kumara cookie, 2 mandarins and a handful of cashew nuts (more than pictured.. Started eating them before I took a photo).

Post freedance training snack: provided by Anna Harris: I had a fig and cacao bliss ball. Absolutely delicious and just the right amount of energy needed for after training. I’m going to get Anna to give us the recipe so keep a look out for that!

Lunch after second training: Pumpkin and feta spinach pasta salad from new world deli. I give it a 3/10. I don’t really like cheese and this was very cheesy so I had to pick it out… But if you like cheese, have this! They have lots of other quick healthy-ish options at the new world too! Mercedes had the same but there’s lasagne and spaghetti bolognese too!

Another snack: I brought our new blender with us so I can have some yum smoothies! Green smoothie with 2 ½ bananas, spinach leaves, 1tbsp peanut butter, almond and coconut milk and water. Big handful of dates dipped in peanut butter.

Dinner: Thanks to mum for providing the goods! She had time to go shopping today so she cooked up a stir fry and brown rice. The veges come already cut up in a bag and even have their own sauces! The brown rice also comes pre cooked in those sachets so it just goes in the microwave. So mum cooked this before we left for opening and then I had it after my competition!

Another snack: Avocado on a ryvita cracker, green tea and a square of lindt almond chocolate.

Pretty happy with my compulsories tonight! For me, it’s all about how I feel and how well I think I did and I’m proud of what I put out there on the floor. Can’t wait for freedance tomorrow!!

Green smoothie
Stir fry vegetables and brown rice