Today Mercedes had dance and short programme and I had freedance. Keep reading to find out who Serena is….

Breakfast: too cold for a green smoothie so oats again. Yes I’m obsessed. No I’m not going to stop. 1/2c oats with dates and 2 kiwi fruit and coffee.

Snack: cashews almonds and dates in marshalling with Mercedes between her solo dance skates.

Snack 2: 2 mandarins and more dates

Lunch: guacamole on ryvita crackers. We found a lemon tree in our motel so you’ll be seeing a lot of this. 1 ½ avos, juice from 1 lemon, salt and pepper topped with spinach leaves. Mercedes had some as well and she also had brown rice and ravioli that was leftover from last night’s dinner.

Snack 3: green smoothie with 2 ½ bananas, spinach leaves, coconut almond milk, water, peanut butter. Some more dates and mandarins too.

Dinner: Mum found some spelt flour pasta at the supermarket so had that with veges, tomato pasta sauce and lentils.

Snack 4: chocolate after freedance competition!

I had such a good time performing my freedance. It was so much fun. I always name my characters and I make a story up for them. For example in my Irish freedance, my name was Philly from Ireland and I had a whole story built up that would help me get in the zone. I can’t remember it exactly but for every music change I would picture a different scene with different emotions. For this one, my name was Serena. My inspiration for the name is Serena Van Der Woodsen from gossip girl because you’re not going to find a show where the girls are more catty than they are! So yea, thought that was interesting to share and maybe you guys can start naming your alter egos as well! The idea is to make your story as detailed and as personal as you can. You don’t have to share it with anyone, it just has to mean something to you. It’s one of my many tricks I use to get “in the zone”.

Oats, kiwifruit, coffee breakfast
Dates, Almonds, Cashews, in-competition snack
Avocado, Ryvita, Spinach
Spelt flour pasta, veges, tomato pasta sauce, lentils
Lindt Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa