Over the weekend, I had the privilege of skating at the Oceania training camp and had the opportunity to help out my teammates with some off skate training. I loved being able to share an introduction into meditation and yoga and then also to take them through a challenging workout which will help build strength specifically for skating.

We started the day off by setting an intention for the training. I’m still experimenting with intentions but I think they’re a specially great idea for big training days like these. Sometimes new places, with different people and different coaches watching you, can get overwhelming. By setting an intention, you can direct your energy and narrow your focus to achieve a productive goal. I use this mental training tool on busy training days or during times where I might feel uncomfortable in a new situation. However if you’re feeling unfocused during your normal training days, intentions can help set you in the right path.

I believe the power of mental training can make all the difference on competition day. You can’t predict the winner based on looks or previous performances. It is always about what happens on the day and who keeps their cool under pressure. You can’t control your competition or the environment and sometimes you can’t even control your own thoughts. Sometimes the negative thoughts do not want to be turned into positive ones. What you CAN control is how you react to what is happening around you and in your head. Through mindfulness and meditation, you can learn to be more aware of the thoughts in your head and so then you’re able to learn how to remain neutral so that on competition day, you can keep your eyes on the prize no matter what happens. Physical training has its place but in my opinion, the key to great success is a combination of both.

To gain this ability and become mentally stronger, your mind must be trained everyday. Your mind is a muscle that needs to be strengthened just like your body. By practising mindfulness every day for a few minutes, it will be easier to tap into a calmer state of mind during times of high stress (like on competition days). I think this becomes easier partly because meditation teaches you what it’s like to be still. If you don’t know what it’s like to be calm, how are you meant to calm yourself down when you’re having racing thoughts before a competition? By that time, it’s too late. That’s why on the weekend I lead the team through a quick little breathing exercise as an introduction to meditation. However once is not enough, to gain momentum, you have to practise everyday. There are so many great apps that will help you on your journey. All you have to do is google and try them out (I have about 7 on my phone and I constantly switch between them)

Later on, we went through a simple, no fuss, no equipment workout that can be done at home to compliment on skate training. The workout should be completed once or twice a week and shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes total. If you’re from the team, remember to take the easier options. It is better to complete an exercise with good form and to build up from there than to I injure yourself trying to do something that is too hard.

The workout follows a simple format. It is made up of 3 circuits completed twice each with the first circuit being a warm up. In the warm up circuit, the exercises should be the easier variation of the one you’re going to do in the following circuits. For example if your working set of push ups is on your knees, you should be doing your warm up push ups on the wall or a bench. Then you move onto 2 more circuits that are completed twice each. And finally, finish with a warm down and stretch.

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Warm up

15 Squats

15 Push ups (easier option, whatever that means for you)

20 dynamic runner lunges (10 each leg)

20 tin soldiers (10 each leg)

Repeat above circuit 2 times total

Circuit 1

10-15 push ups (harder option)

15 squat jumps

30 skater jumps (15 each leg)

10 burpees or modified burpees

20 lunges to glide (10 each leg)

Repeat above circuit 2 times total

Circuit 2

15 sit ups (legs on the floor or legs off the floor)

15 high plank walk outs or high plank split jumps

15 tricep dips or tricep push ups on wall

10 tuck jumps

50 run in place

Repeat above circuit 2 times total

Warm down

20 dynamic quad stretches (10 each side)

20 hamstring stretches with arm circles

15 chest openers

And you’re done! Add in any of your favourite stretches from my ebooks to complete the workout and let me know how you went! If you need clarification on what any of the exercises are, please contact me through Facebook, instagram or email!