I’m wearing orange leg warmers slouched over pink roller skates, blue lace gloves and as many necklaces as Madonna would approve. Old school bangers are blaring and I’m surrounded by lycra and neon.

Welcome to an 80s roller disco party.

The disco subculture came to the fore in the 70s when flares were king, mini-skirts and plunging v-necks were shameless and transitioned through into the 80s where the pants got tighter and the shoulders got bigger.

In recent years, there’s been something of a disco revival, in part thanks to the resurgence of disco vibes in mainstream music and the rapid growth in roller skating. In Auckland, the roller skating scene has skyrocketed, and with it, the return of some pretty impressive outfits, from retro floral flares and shimmer, to baggy jeans and the double denim of the 80s….

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Original story by Juliette Sivertsen for Stuff