When I was 14, I had the most amazing job offer a 14 year old could imagine… Be a roller skating angel in a TV commercial for Master Card with the queen, Bonnie Tyler. Of course at the time, I had no idea who Bonnie Tyler was but now I’m very impressed with my young teenage self for meeting her!

In the commercial, Neville gets serenaded by Bonnie Tyler singing a special version of her hit song. We wore angel outfits with his face on them and had the most fabulous 80s hair and make up. It was a hard long day of waiting around, eating and skating for a few hours. This was my first official job and I bought new skates with what I made from the feature.

Best thing was that the commercial only aired on UK TV so I had no risk of any class mates making fun of me. But with that fabulous hair… who would?